Evergreen Summer Class on Doing the Business of Non Profits

6 06 2018

Doing the Business of Non Profits: Ideas to Realities through Grant Writing and Fundraising

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-9:30 Starting June 26 for 5 weeks (first session)

4 Credits



Students in this class will learn a lot about philanthropy in the United States and the role of nonprofits in contributing to healthy, sustainable communities. We’ll look at the historical role of charitable giving before and after contact and the evolving role nonprofits have played and are playing in the U.S.  As a part of this inquiry, we’ll consider what it takes to create a nonprofit and grow and sustain existing organizations.  We’ll also focus on Development Readiness™ for these organizations and how using this approach helps ensure a sustainable organization that benefits, for example, from an empowered and engaged board and staff as well as contemporary and ongoing strategic planning. The ethics of nonprofit organizations will also be considered as will professional development and volunteer recruitment and management. We’ll learn about grant writing and fundraising for nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. This portion of the course will also include effectively finding funding sources for organizations and their programs. Each student will be asked to identify and develop an organization and a project over the course of the quarter. The organization and project can be based on an existing nonprofit or one that is created for the purposes of the class.

Sign-up at www.evergreen.edu


Contact me at chalmerd@evergreen.edu or don@sparrowhawkco.com

Special Events Evaluation Tool

13 10 2016

With so many special events happening this time of year we thought it would be a good idea to share a special events evaluation tool. Just click the link below! It can be used to help evaluate a recent event or plan for the next one.  We’re happy to offer this copyrighted tool for your use.  If you duplicate it please attribute it in a good way by leaving the footer in place.  Thanks and good luck with your special events as an important part of your overall fundraising strategy.

Don Chalmers, SparrowHawk Consulting


Board Development and Strategic Planning at NPI

20 05 2015

I was honored to present this topic to a well-attended session of this year’s 25th Anniversary of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Native Philanthropy Institute at Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel earlier this month.  I’ve attached a PowerPoint Slide Show for those who would like to view the presentation.  You will have to click “Enter” to move through the slides.

For further information please contact: don@sparrowhawkco.com or (360) 412-1700/ (360) 280-0511  Thanks!

Board Dev and Strategic Planning – NPI 2015

Don Chalmers to present to the Native Philanthropy Institute

1 04 2015

Don Chalmers,  an Adjunct Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College, is presenting to the Native Philanthropy Institute to be held at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, in Prior Lake, MN May 5-6.   This year’s institute is part of the Native Americans in Philanthropy’s  25th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Conference.  Don will be speaking on Board Development/Training and the role of the Board in strategic planning. In addition to his teaching at Evergreen, for the past 2o years Don has served as a consultant to Tribes and tribal organizations as well as  non-profits throughout the United States through his company, SparrowHawk Consulting.

for further information on the 25th Anniversary of NAP: http://www.nativephilanthropy.org/

for further information on SparrowHawk Consulting:  info@sparrowhawkco.com or (800) 398-9048

Enhanced Grant Writing and Fundraising: Ideas to Realities at The Evergreen State College

23 02 2015

Just received word I’ve been approved to offer a 4-credit course in the first summer session at TESC in Olympia, WA. This course helps students understand and appreciate United States philanthropy especially  non-profit organizations and what they must do to seek and secure outside funding.  We’ll define and discuss key components of developmental readiness like board development and strategic planning that funders view as important to organizational sustainability. We’ll learn how to research funding sources.  A primary focus of the course is grant writing, specifically how to prepare a competitive grant application to a corporate, foundation or federal source.  The course also shares keys to successful grant administration and other resource development activities. These activities include annual funds, special events, contracting, planned giving, in-kind contributions and more. Join us this summer to learn ways to convert your ideas to realities!

For further information contact me at: tescgrantwriting@gmail.com

The Doctor is In!

22 01 2015
Glad to have participated yesterday in the first Winter Conference sponsored by Advancement Northwest, a blend of the Northwest Development Officers Association and the Washington Chapter of AFP. Turnout was good for several presentations across multiple tracks. I was one of the consultant “Doctors” (complete with lab coat) that advised other members on their careers and work challenges. Happy to share my insights and learn as well! — at Washington State Convention Center.
I’m happy to provide coaching/mentoring services.
Contact me at don@sparrowhawkco.com
or call at (360) 280-0511

SNAP! SparrowHawk Nonprofit Assistance Program!

26 05 2014

Introducing SNAP! the SparrowHawk Nonprofit Assistance Program–FREE resources to members*:

  1. Free half-hour initial consultation
  2. Temporary use of our Tumwater, WA research office and conference room (3 minutes from the State Capitol)
  3. Use of our copy machine (up to 100 copies/month) including sending digital color copies
  4. Limited use of our Foundation Directory Online subscription (in office)
  5. Access to hundreds of sample documents and PowerPoint presentations (via OneDrive)
  6. 5% discount on initial engagement
  7. Plus additional benefits added regularly!

Yes! Please sign me up for FREE SNAP! Membership!




*must be a non-profit corporation or a non-profit corporation in formation

Get Ready for 2014 Now!

3 12 2013

A way for you and your board to assess your organization’s sustainability!

Your 2014 Sustainability Checklist ver 2

For further information on how we can work together to increase your capacity to secure needed resources and your group’s sustainability please email: don@sparrowhawkco.com or call (800) 398-9048

Thanks for visiting our blog! All the best in the coming year!

Don Chalmers, SparrowHawk Consulting

A Tool to Help Find the Right Funding Source

5 03 2013

SparrowHawk Find the Right Source! ver 3 RO

Click the link above!

It is so important there be a good match between your grant application and the prospective funder’s interests and guidelines. Use this tool to help ensure that critical connection. In one survey 60% of grant submitted to a region’s funders were outside their STATED guidelines! Please share any questions or comments. Thanks!

Don Chalmers
SparrowHawk Consulting

Giving USA 2012 Report Executive Summary Available Now!

22 06 2012

Get the free Executive Summary of Giving USA 2012: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2011 at the Giving USA store. http://www.givingusareports.org/news-and-events/news.aspx?NewsTypeId=2&NewsId=11. This report gives great perspectives on the current state of philanthropy in our country.