Integrated Service Delivery Systems

23 11 2015

At SparrowHawk Consulting we are fortunate to work with such a variety of clients and we’re able to see patterns or trends. For example, integration of services, also known as wraparound services, has been an approach we’ve seen in a number of diverse settings. We’ve helped Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council, which serves 5 SW Washington counties,  convene and facilitate a series of conversations with workforce providers to integrate intake, recordkeeping, assessment, client service plans and evaluation of services. The goal was more effective and efficient services to job seekers and employers.

Similarly, we helped Tribes assess their comprehensive justice systems. Our follow-up planning process with each Tribe recommended wraparound justice system services creating teams of providers focused on each client and his or her family. Finally, we’ve started a conversation with the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure at The Evergreen State College. And one of the underlying themes: an integrated approach to sustainable infrastructure including highways and bridges!

Our take: wraparound or integrated service delivery or planning models are more efficient, effective and consistent with sustainable values.

Don Chalmers, President

SparrowHawk Consulting