NYTimes: Secret Bids Guide Hopi Indians’ Spirits Home

17 12 2013

NYTimes: Secret Bids Guide Hopi Indians’ Spirits Home

USDA Announces Availability of Funding to Develop Advanced Biofuels Projects

11 12 2013


Applications for biorefinery assistance are due by January 30, 2014. More information about how to apply is available in the October 2, 2013 Federal Register announcement or by contacting the USDA Rural Development National Office.

Our firm helped the Colville Tribes successfully compete for $500,000 of HUD Rural Innovation funds to purchase equipment for a woody biomass harvesting company.\

Don Chalmers

Get Ready for 2014 Now!

3 12 2013

A way for you and your board to assess your organization’s sustainability!

Your 2014 Sustainability Checklist ver 2

For further information on how we can work together to increase your capacity to secure needed resources and your group’s sustainability please email: don@sparrowhawkco.com or call (800) 398-9048

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