Army Cultural Resources Cooperative Agreement Program Announced

16 10 2013

“Army facilities are rich in cultural resources such as archeological sites, archeological artifacts, Native American sacred sites, and historic buildings, structures, and districts. The Army, in recognition of its growing inventory of cultural resources and limited fiscal resources, intends to accomplish these established public purposes by providing for the stewardship of its cultural resources through development of progressive and efficient strategies for management of these resources. To meet this challenge, the Army recognizes the value of involving stakeholders, and, in particular, the establishment of cooperative agreements in the management of its cultural resources with those stakeholder organizations having an interest in assisting the Army’s management efforts. Proposals are sought from public and private educational institutions, museums, federally recognized Indian tribes, private nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, and private industry. Any of the above listed organizations can apply to provide all or any part of the needed cultural resources support. Joint ventures between two or more organizations can be used as a means to enhance support potential. This announcement provides a general description of the Command’s programs, including areas of interest; general information; the evaluation and selection criteria; and proposal/application preparation instructions and formats.”

Up to $100,000,000 is available

Current Closing Date for Applications: Jan 30, 2015 

For further information:

For assistance:





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