USDA Rural Development-UTP Community Connect

29 05 2012

USDA Rural Development-UTP Community Connect.

Enjoy our work at Ho-Chunk Nation’s Department of Health

24 05 2012

Our work at Ho-Chunk reflects a flexible process that works well for our clients. We began with an organizational review of the Department of Health that included document review and assessment, a well-received survey of staff using Survey Monkey, and key people interviews. That effort culminated in a report that shared findings and recommendations that have been implemented to ultimately improve the health care the Nation’s members receive. As a part of the organizational review we helped identify and encourage government to government relationships that have paid substantial dividends to this day.

Next we collaboratively designed some team building activities that helped the Department’s Division of Behavioral Health bring together its staff for a series of strategic planning sessions. The resulting plan has served as a roadmap for the Division’s initiatives on behalf of their clients including a successful grant request totaling hundreds of thousands of new dollars.

Next, based on the Division’s plan and the goals of the Department of Health and the Nation we helped prepare the first comprehensive Consolidated Tribal Assistance Solicitation application to the Department of Justice. This $2 million+ grant submission, if awarded, will provide substantial resources for the Nation’s law enforcement, justice, judiciary, behavioral health and social services programs. Best of luck to the Nation as awards are announced later this year.