Department of Justice Announces $101.5 million in 2012 CTAS grants

20 01 2012

Deadline: April 18, 2012 9 PM EST

Tribes and Tribal Consortia are eligible to apply for funding under the Consolidated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) for a variety of 10 justice and safety programs or purpose areas.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, the Department is a leader in an effort to bring several, related programs together in a single application that encourages Tribal programs to coordinate and collaborate in preparing and implementing their projects. This year’s purpose areas are:

FY 2012 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation Purpose Areas

1. Public safety and community policing (COPS Tribal Resources Hiring Grant Program and Tribal Resources Grant Equipment/Training), CFDA #16.710
2. Comprehensive Planning Demonstration Project, (OJP/BJA), CFDA #16.608
3. Justice systems, and alcohol and substance abuse (OJP/BJA—Tribal Courts Assistance Program and Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program), CFDA #16.608
4. Corrections and correctional alternatives (OJP/BJA—Correctional Systems and Correctional Alternatives on Tribal Lands Program), CFDA #16.596
5. Violence Against Women (OVW- Tribal Sexual Assault Services Program- TSASP), CFDA#16.587
6. Violence Against Women (OVW—Tribal Governments Program – Tribal Governments Program), CFDA #16.587
7. Victims of Crime (OJP/OVC—Children’s Justice Act Partnerships for Indian Communities), CFDA #16.582
8. Victims of Crime (OJP/OVC- Comprehensive Tribal Victim Assistance Program), CFDA#16.528
9. Juvenile Justice (OJP/OJJDP—Tribal Juvenile Accountability Discretionary Program), CFDA #16.731
10. Tribal Youth Program (OJP/OJJDP—Tribal Youth Program – TYP), CFDA #16.731

2012 Changes in the Program

“What changes were made to CTAS for Fiscal Year 2012?

The Department made several major changes based on Tribal leaders and Tribal organizations input:
• Incorporating a question-and-answer template into the solicitation to make the document more user-friendly;
• Adding a new strategic planning pilot program;
• Adjusting Purpose Areas to address Tribes’ concerns and to allow for greater flexibility in funding requests;
• Using a demographics form instead of relying on a general narrative to better illustrate the unique characteristics of each Tribe;
• Requiring Tribes to submit legal Tribal documentation authorizing application for grant funding. This documentation must be submitted at the time of application, but is defined more broadly than in 2011, which specifically required a Tribal Resolution.” (CTAS Fact Sheet)

For further information: contact us at SparrowHawk Consulting Company–we’ve helped one Tribe secure over $4.6 million in CTAS funding in the last two years!  Don Chalmers

or visit the DOJ website at:




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